What is Designs by MK e-Design?Formal Dinning RoomDesigns by MK e-Design is a new, unique design tool that gives people the opportunity to hire Designs by MK from anywhere in the country. It combines the benefits of hiring an interior designer, such as the professional expertise and the perspective on design schematics, without having to pay for the cost of in-home meetings. Based on your needs, we give you the design help you need all the while communicating via phone and email. Meanwhile, you sit in the comfort of your own home or office.
Who is it for?
Designs by MK e-Design is for motivated people who want the expertise of a professional interior designer, need inspiration, or direction, and don’t mind doing a little legwork.
How it works.
First, we will send you a questionnaire to complete and return along with images of the space you are wanting to design and space measurements (if necessary). Inspiration images of spaces you love are always encouraged, so that we can better understand the aesthetic you are looking for and better get inside your head.  Once we have all the information we need to complete your design, and the signed contract with payment has been received by Designs by MK, we will provide a beautiful digital presentation for you to approve. Designs by MK e-Design clients are allowed two design revisions, just in case we didn’t hit the nail on the head the first time.
How long does it take?
Upon receipt of all initial information, measurements, contract and payment, it will take two weeks to compile your design presentation.
How do I get started?
1. Review the Designs by MK e-design packages below and deicide which is best for you. (If you can’t decide, send us an email, and we can provide a customized quote.)
2. Send us an email with your request and we will send you a questionnaire to complete.
3. Submit your completed questionnaire, photos of the space to be designed, inspiration images and measurements, if necessary.
4. Overnight a signed copy of the contract and payment.
5. Relax as Designs by MK creates a wonderfully inviting space perfect for you and your family, turning your house into a home!
 Designs by MK e-Design Packages:
Ask a Designer! $40
Dont need a full design and just need an expert opinion, resource or a quick design idea? Ask us! For example:
  • Furniture color?
  • How many frames on a shelf?
  • How high should I hang my picture frames?
Hue Consultation $75
Having a difficult time picking the perfect paint for a space? Sometimes it’s too mustard, and sometimes it’s too mint. Send us pictures of the space, and we will select paint colors and mail you the paint swatches.
  • Digital Board with paint swatches and numbers included
  • Mail paint swatches if desired
Space Planning $100
Does your furniture layout seem to not really be working? Having trouble deciding where all the furniture should go? Send us the measurements along with pictures, and we will layout the space for you!
  • Floor plan sketch with existing furniture
Let the Designs Begin  $120
Do you just need some suggestions on your space and aren’t ready for a full design? Send us images of your space, and we will send you a full list of suggestions to improve what you already have.
  • Space Planning Sketch
  • Detailed suggestion list for each space needing improvement
The Ideal Full Room Design $375 – $795
Do you want a complete design for your space? We can design a color board for you within your budget or create a budget for you. Complete with space plan, hue consultation, furniture and accessory selection with sources for you to purchase from, along with drapery design, paint selections, and/or ways to spruce up your existing pieces. We will handle the design and you handle the execution.
  • Hue Consultation Board
  • Space Planning Board
  • Accessory and Furniture Board
Small Spaces (Entry, Hallway, or Powder Bath): $325
Standard Spaces (Office, Bedroom, Bathroom, Dinning Room, Living Room, Kitchen): $575
Large Spaces (Great Room, Open Loft Space, etc.): $795
Design Revisions $50
If you need additional revisions or just want additional options, revisions to design presentations beyond the two revisions included in the base package will be billed at $50 each.
It is time to make your house a home!! Send us an email!

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