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From the time I was a little girl, I was able to recognize how a specific style or design of a home can shape a families’ life, display different stories and express their culture.  I’ve always been drawn to how small changes in a room can create a completely different atmosphere, making the family feel like they’re in a home, not just a house.

So many important life experiences happen within a home that it’ so important to make the space your own. When I was younger my mother was always changing the color of the walls, adding throw pillows, and even designing her dream home. She made it very apparent how important it was to create a space you felt comfortable in. The more Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Kirklands and Pier One Imports trips I took with her, the more I fell in love with design. My mother passed away when I was ten years old. One of the many things that she left with me is a love of design, along with her dream home.

I am inspired by Designs by MK and love the full purpose this business has in serving God and serving people. I am so beyond blessed to have the opportunity to learn from people I look up to the most in the design field.  I am hoping to gain knowledge, strength and clarity in this field. I am most excited to see the vision that people have for their homes come to life.

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