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  1. Kenzie Boen says:

    Hey there! I really like your work and I saw your post about the 10% discount you are running on your e- designs right now so i thought this might be a good time to get your help on my living room! I read through all your packages and I think i might be one of the in-between cases :) My husband and I are currently in a rent house so we are in a little bit of a different situation in that we are unable to paint the walls and won’t be in this house very long (although we are able to hang things…)…So here is my issue.. I have all my large items purchased and they are all neutral…the couch is a sand color, the loveseat is a cream color and the chair is a brown/reddish leather…I currently don’t have a coffee table but I know which one I would like to buy and it is wood (so also neutral)… so what I am really struggling with is adding color into the space…I would like to do this through curtains and pillows since both of those things are easy and for the most part inexpensive to change when we move into another place…(I currently have navy curtains which I like but am not totally stuck on)…so I would say those are really the 2 main things I need advice on…Sorry for such a long “comment”… Please just let me know where I fall in the packages and how much it would cost and then i can run it by with my husband lol. Thanks so much! Kenzie

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