Farmhouse GLAM!

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Farmhouse Glam, the New Trend


Farmhouse Glam


A few weeks back a friend of mine was wanting some help with her living room design. Me, being the bestie and “ever-so-talented assistant designer” that I am (her words, not mine), I was the first person she called for help. She described her style effortlessly to me …“I like clean lines and no clutter, but I want it to be cozy. Nothing too bright. And I love burlap.” Though she knew what she wanted, I was a little unsure, and let’s be honest, she didn’t give me a lot to go on.

After some research, some insight from a certain INCREDIBLE designer that I get to learn from on a daily basis, Macy Mason, and a few rejected style options, my friend’s style concept came to fruition: Farmhouse Glam.

But what is that?!
What does that mean?!
An enticing name, an oxymoron really.
Can a farmhouse be glamorous?!?! Oh yes!!

Farmhouse glam is a style that is minimalistic and clean, with rustic elements and lots of neutrals.


Farmhouse Glam

It mixes raw woods and beautifully classy chandeliers; antique distressed furniture and shiny mirrored trays; burlap and satin.


Farmhouse G

It’s a combination of everything farmhouse and everything glamorous with a keen attention to balance.


Farmhouse Glam

So, how can you recreate this effortless looking style? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Think neutral. Creams, tans, linens, soft grays mixed with medium-dark stained or raw woods.
  2. Think texture. In order to get a cozy feel, layer textures by using throws and pillows in fabrics like linen, burlap, and soft cotton.
  3. Think glamorous. A crystal chandelier, a mercury glass mirrored vase (with fresh flowers), or a metallic picture frame will do the trick.
  4. Think character. Find old pieces that can be repurposed into a beautiful new statement in your home.

Farmhouse Glam Color Board

Farmhouse Glam Color Board

Need help recreating one of these looks, or executing the steps above? Give us a call!!

Wishing you inspiration!
With Design Love,

The Designs by MK Team