Finding your Interior Design inspiration from your wardrobe!

July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Summer is here…sigh. Hot temps, cool waters, tan lines and…great clothes…you know the ones. Your go to summer attire for staying cool, but looking cute too. Could be that amazing ikat maxi dress paired with peep toe wedges. Or the distressed denim cutoffs with the simple V-neck and sandals. Whatever your go to outfit may be, you know that the moment you put it on you’ll be put together, without trying too hard, and you’ll feel amazing.

Yes, I know this is a blog for design, but design inspiration can be found anywhere, especially in your favorite summer outfit. “Your outfit?” you might say. Yes! You already know you love your favorite summer outfit, the colors, the patterns, the textures, now turn that into your favorite room, year round.  I chose a sun room (you like how I logically went there, it’s the easiest to match with your favorite summer outfit) perfectly fitting for the season we’re in and the clothes, but feel free to pick ANY room.

Your design style may be closer than you think!

Your design style may be closer than you think!


This is the outfit I chose for my inspiration. Refreshingly summer! Perfect skinnies in a peachy keen color paired with a simple blue and white tank, white sandals and white enamel jewels with gold accents. A simple go to outfit that you can’t go wrong with. Now, the big question: How do I turn this into a fully designed room? The answer: With 3 basic steps:

  1. Start with a neutral color. Neutrals are needed in most every room, and can really ground the space. It can be neutral walls or a big piece of furniture. I chose to use the white and camel brown in the sandals for inspiration. I picked a cream and camel sofa and two side chairs, and some fabulous burlap pillows for my neutrals in this space.
  2. Pick a pattern. Draw from the patterns in your favorite outfit, whether its stripes, a floral, damasks…whatever. I used the blue and white striped tank as inspiration here, but you could also use the lattice design on the back of the sandal. The blue and white striped rug is almost a perfect match. Yay! Make sure you don’t overdo the pattern. You either need to do one big statement piece in a pattern (like a statement wall or a sofa), or splashes of pattern throughout the room (in a few pillows or the curtains).
    ***For those of you who love pattern, there is a harmony to mixing patterns! Need help with this?!
    Stay tuned for my next blog :)
  3. Splashes of color. Without color….I might die. Well probably not, but…goodness, do I LOVE color! This is the most fun step. Think bold! From my outfit, I used the peachy coral from the skinny jeans and the gold from the jewelry and sandals. Think pops of color…here and there, mostly accessories, as I’ve used below. Or if you’re feeling bolder, think an accent wall in coral. Or if you’re feeling really bold, do both the accessories and an accent wall!


Wardrobe inspiration translated into an interior space! Love!

Wardrobe inspiration translated into an interior space! Love!

One major recommendation: Let’s not make it a competition between the patterns and the splashes of color, Okay? We love both of them equally and they each deserve a space in the design. If you have a pattern that already has bold colors in it, pull colors from the pattern and use a more subdued hue to splash around the room.

I hope that you’re feeling thoroughly inspired by this blog, and are finding your sandals a little more interesting than you did before.

Just follow the steps! But…if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, we’d love to help you! Contact us at


Wishing you inspiration, even from inside your closet!!!

With design love,

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