Growing Growing Growing!

May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Designs by MK would love to introduce the newest team member, Sarah Guthrie!

She is extreamemly talented and I am so excited for you all to meet her! I had her put together some information about herself so please read on to get to know the wonderful new addition to the Designs by MK family.

“Growing up, I always imagined how I could improve spaces by moving the furniture around, painting the walls a different color, or adding fun accessories. No one thing brought this feeling about. Instead I feel like it’s always been there, a God-given talent. Though, I realized my passion behind this work for the first time when I was able to pick out my dorm room bedding and accessories for my first year of college. Everything brand new and just how I wanted it….sigh. It was amazing! Thus was born a passionate hobby that I’m now turning into an amazing career with the guidance of Macy.
Words can not describe the amount of excitement I feel to be working with Macy. She is truly a godly and gifted woman and interior designer. It was God’s perfect timing that brought us together, and it feels like it was meant to be. Who else to learn from than a great friend, under God’s provision. I’m so excited to start this journey.
I feel that design is so much more than a paint color or a couch. It’s about all of the elements coming together to form a space that makes you feel at home and comfortable. And that’s what I hope to bring to Designs by MK and to our clients.”
-Sarah Guthrie
Design Assistant

Details, Interior Design, and Junior Mints

May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

photo-12Hi there! I would like to introduce myself , my name is Macy Mason. I am a born and bred Okie that has a passion for Interior design, loving people, and Junior Mints. That last one is really important. Yes, I know they are not good for me but the heart wants, what the heart wants.

Please bare with me, I am a first time blogger. Please do not stop reading….. Give me a chance!

Like I was saying earlier, I have a PASSION for interior design! From a very young age, design elements were going through my brain, even as a 10 year old I was very aware of balance, shape, and structure. My family pushed me to find my passion in life and that was definitely design! I soon went to college and got my degree in Interior Design and have never looked back. I worked in the government world as a furniture dealer for a little while after school and I soon came to realize that I had zero creative outlets. (“Would you like a black chair or a black chair?”…) I found myself going home and painting every piece of furniture I could get my hands on and throwing color around my apartment like I used to live in a black and white movie. I needed color, design, FREEDOM to create and help shape. This mind set, placed into my head by my amazing Lord, brought me to numerous opportunities to help people with their homes.

First it started off small and gradually God started placing people in my life one after the other that needed design help. I did this along with my government job for about 6 months until I felt stable enough to go out on my own and start my own interior design business. This 6 month period was a prayer filled 6 months with my family and close friends. I was introduced to a wonderful woman of God at my church,, that happened to be an amazing interior designer as well. Some of you may know her, the lovely Kellie Clements. Through my journey she has been a blessing as well as a mentor. Now the rest is history! I have helped many families make their home what they have always dreamed it would be and more. I love my job!!!! Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when the final touch is completed, is simply priceless.

Here was just a small tidbit of my story, thank you for reading! If you are in need of new pillows and pops of color in a space, to a whole home renovation please let me know, I would love to bring my knowledge and creativity to the table and help you make it a harmonious design! Message me on my website and we will meet and have a nice little consultation and go from there!

I am excited to meet you,